Our lash extension process is 100% customizable. The length and the fullness is chosen based on both what the client desires, and what is safe for the natural lashes. Lash extensions range in length and thickness.

We will always consult with you about the look you are going for and what would work for your lashes before we begin.

Classic Lash Set – 110+

The classic lash set is one individual eyelash extension (of customizable length) adhered to one of your natural lashes. This set is the most natural looking.

Classic Lash Fill – 30+

Hybrid Lash Set – 130+

The hybrid lash set includes a variety of of both individual “classic” lashes and beautifully fanned volume lashes. The hybrid set can be utilized to fill in “gaps” in lash line, or add a little fullness to the classic set.

Hybrid Lash Fill – 40+

Volume Lash Set – 150+

Our volume lash set is made from “clusters” of perfectly hand-fanned individual lash extensions. The volume set adds fullness and drama. The volume of each set is completely customizable to the individual wearing them. From wanting to just have a fuller lash line, to wanting full glam!

Volume Lash Fill – 50+

Lash Lift & Tint – 75

A lash lift and tint consists of permanently reshaping the curl of your natural lashes. This services is best for those happy with the length and thickness of their natural lashes, and are just looking for a little curl and darkness for that fresh mascara look. The lift will last through your normal lash cycle.

Lash Lift without tint – 65

Lash Lift & Tint

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