30 minute massage – 30.

Target specific massage used to work out small issues such as a stiff neck, TMJ, etc. 30 minutes is not recommended for relaxation or full body.

60 minute massage – 60.

Most popular type of massage therapy. Swedish massage is used for full body relaxation using light to deep pressure. Alleviation of mental and physical stress, enhanced circulation, and increased range of motion are all benefits of this massage.

90 minute massage – 90.

Relaxation of both mind and body. 90 minutes is used to gain the same benefits of a 60 minute massage with extra time to work on trouble areas.

Sports massage – 40 – 70

A 30 – 60 minute massage geared towards athletes of all kinds. This treatment will help prepare for performance or recover after an event. Sports massage can also help with a specific problem.

Add massage gun – 10.

Sessions are recommended every 2-3 weeks. Ages 13 +.